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Yep, two. Both are Gravity Falls. The other taking place after the episode 'Not what he seems' and the other is set in the Monster Falls AU. Both containing my OTP, because I've been in the mood to write a bunch of BillDip fan fics, so I thought why the hell not. Progressing well on them both since I pretty much am unable to draw anything proper atm. My wrist being too hurt from all the painting and my head being too messed up from all the anxiety seizures I've been getting this week because of my fear of narrow places and plain white walls. I'm not in the mood to draw anything but doodles to be honest, so I just thought that I'd try fixing my writing skills until I get out of that place and have my usual day schedule back. Until I get my head back together, I'll be just writing random short fan fics of this adorable OTP of mine, since I don't feel weird about shipping it anymore.

The Monster Falls fan fic is a two part story with older Deerper and human/hunter Bill and in chapter 2 a cervitaur Bill.... This one has a warning for mentions of blood and a slight amount of violence, contains no explicit sexual content but does contain a FUCK TON of fluff and obviously the pairing.

The other fic is just that one-shot I've been talking about in my earlier journals. Containing lots and lots and lots of tears and comfort. AND FLUFF. Never forget the fluff.

I think I'm gonna to bed now tho, this headache I'm having is killing me and I've been up for almost 24 hours now. Expect at least either of these fics dropping out tomorrow. That's if I'm the mood to write tomorrow.
  • Mood: Pain
  • Listening to: my headache pounding my brains out from my head
  • Reading: some nice fan fics tbh
  • Watching: the ceiling
  • Playing: a game called life
  • Eating: chocolate
  • Drinking: my tears thanks to the hiatus of Gravity Falls


Vera ''Headache'' H.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I do read every comment, I appreciate every fave, watch, comment and badge, even if I don't reply!

I draw for fun, not fame.

I'm from Finland, I love drawing both traditional and digital art, 18 years old tomboy with gender issues and I'd prefer to be called they/them rather than she/he due to the fact that I'm not comfortable with my biological gender. I'm currently studying to become a visual artesan, and I'll be specializing in animation.


- Panromantic and asexual or just plain pansexual, not sure.
- Furry
- Love cosplaying
- Love reptiles
- Tend to get crushes on fictional characters
- Chocoholic
- Trying to become a vegetarian


Animecon Finland 2015

My main cosplay is Chica from Five Nights at Freddy's, possible cosplay for second day is an anthro creeper from Minecraft and possible main cosplay for second day/ backup cosplay is Dipper from Gravity Falls.

Progress on cosplay costumes:
Chica - 10%
Anthro Creeper - 5%
Dipper - 0%

You can call me Headache, Vera, Ravexen, Rave or MCRetroX. I'm in quite many fandoms currently, the most obvious of them being Minecraft.

:bulletpurple: FANDOMs :bulletpurple:

- Minecraft -
- Pokemon -
- Five Nights at Freddy's -
- MLP:FiM -
- Gravity Falls -
- Warrior Cats -
- Transformers -
- Steven Universe -

:bulletblue: My OTPs :bulletblue:

BEWARE! My OTPs are weird I know. I don't want to see your hate messages in my inbox.

- Gravity Falls -- this one should be obvious by now... but to those who still don't know, I ship BillDip, SHIP IT LIKE FEDEX and to explain how I ship them: basically until Dipper is 18, it won't be anything too mature, just some cute fluff and stuff. I don't even think if I like the idea of this ship being all mature and stuff... fluff it is then.

- Steven Universe -- Lapidot. Nuff said.

- Transformers -- Don't even get me started on this one... to name a few: Knock Out and Breakdown, Bumblebee and Blurr, Optimus Prime and Ratchet, Smokescreen and Knock Out

- Adventure Time -- weirdly enough I have an OTP for this show, even if I don't really follow it... But Prince Bubblegum and Marshall Lee :heart:

- FNaF -- NO.

- MLP:FiM -- AppleDash. Octavia and Vinyl. NUFF SAID.

I play different games, like Minecraft, Pokemon, FNAF, Sonic, Spyro etc.


Programs I use for drawing: Paint and Photoshop Elements 6
For animating I use Photoshop Elements 6 and Movie Maker, I'm planning to buy ToonBoom someday
I mostly use a Trust Slimline Widescreen Tablet and rarely a Genius G-Pen Tablet, because it's about to break. I'll be buying a Wacom Intuos 4 someday.

I love autumn/fall and hate summer. I hate sunny days, and I prefer being inside when it's sunny. I love rain and thunderstorms.

My Birthday is 1st of August.

I :heart: each and everyone of my characters the same way.

My comics:

:bulletblack: Vanished, but still full of hope - A Minecraft short comic about Slick Nite and Spade, won't be a long project, only about 10 pages long. Read here:…

:bulletpurple: Kirkenes - Birthmark, A Minecraft fan comic about a creeper called Kirkenes who has dark secrets. My main project at the moment. Start reading:…

My stories and fan fics:

:bulletblue: Kirkenes - Birthmark, a fan fiction version of the comic, start reading:…

:bulletgreen: Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (SMaNS), a Transformers Animated/Prime and Dragon Union crossover fan fiction, start reading:…

:bulletyellow: Dragon Union, not yet started original story

:bulletorange: Little Things, an original story,…

:bulletred: Just another name in your registry (JANIYR), an original story,
Genre – Fiction/Romance/Drama/Adult content
Rating – Rated Mature (explicit) and Rated PG-13 versions…

I :heart: music and it helps me to get inspirations when I'm drawing or writing.

:bulletpurple: TO DO LIST :bulletpurple:

:bulletwhite: Like elephants OC MAP part 8 (working on lineart) :bulletwhite:

:bulletblack: Room of Angel OC MAP parts 6, 7, 8, 9 (animatic 50% done) :bulletblack:

:bulletred: Nicotine OC MAP parts 29, 30 (currently working on animatic) :bulletred:

:bulletorange: (MINE) Pit of Vipers OC MAP intro and part 1 :bulletorange: THE MAP IS STILL OPEN

:bulletyellow: Chasing Cars OC MAP part 22 (working on animatic) :bulletyellow:

:bulletyellow: Circletine (animatic started) :bulletyellow:

:bulletgreen: SURVIVE Teaser trailer (working on animatic) :bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: SURVIVE, coming 2016 :bulletblue:

:bulletpurple: ScoutAche PMV/AMV (animatic 40% done) :bulletpurple:

:bulletwhite: Kirkenes - Birthmark FAN FIC (3rd chapter started) :bulletwhite:

:bulletblack: Just another name in your registry ( rated M explicit version 10% written, rated PG-13 version 0% written, cover arts 0% done) :bulletblack:

:bulletred: Little Things (0% written, cover art 0% done) :bulletred:

:bulletorange: Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (chapter 9, 0% written) :bulletorange:

:bulletyellow: You belong with me, KOxBD PMV (20% done, ON HOLD) :bulletyellow:

My blogs in Finnish:

My Tumblr:
MY twitter:
My Weasyl:
My art related

Ask Albino TUMBLR:
Ask Scout and Arcane on TUMBLR:…

Secondary dA (my NSFW account): :iconravexen:
AskKirkAndFlu: www.askkirkandflu.deviantart.c… :iconaskkirkandflu:
AskAlbino: or :iconaskalbino:

My old dA accounts: :iconveeraf96: :iconzur-chan:

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