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Ookay. So, I've been thinking and finally decided that I will list all my current projects that I'm working on and all the projects that are to come someday in the future. Also, I have a few important-ish things to say.

First of all, my main project as it might be obvious is Birthmark's comic version. I have to say that the amount of pages uploaded per week is lowered to from one to three pages a week. 

Next important project I have is SURVIVE. This is one of the main reasons why Birthmark's pages aren't popping up so frequently anymore. I need to actually start working on SURVIVEs storyboard and casting call, not to mention all animation and anatomy studies. I've been working on the sound and music side of this project, and almost have all of the sound effects and songs to be used thought out.

Then to my other projects. As some of you might notice, SMaNS hasn't been updated in a while. 'Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites' is currently on hold, even though I have the 8th chapter written. The problem is, I still need to write it clean on computer. Now, no need to worry, I won't be canceling this fan fiction. I will write all 20 chapters of it, you just need to stay patient with me and my current situation which seems like a writing block. Once I find enough time and inspiration, I'll publish the next chapter.

On another note, 'There will be light' and 'This is the part where I save you' are both in danger of being cancelled. I mean, I am still a fan of Sonic, but there's just something that's keeping me from starting TWBL. I want TWBL to be a great comic/fan fiction and currently I am not on that level of writing and drawing comics. Most probably TWBL won't come out until the whole Birthmark saga is over. 'This is the part where I save you' is an old fan fiction I planned to write when I was introduced to Portal 2. Unfortunately, I have no inspiration to write this fan fiction anymore. Same thing with 'Colder, colder, freezing', a Warm Bodies fan fiction that would've told the story of my zombiesona H.

Pretty much every other fan fiction and comic project I've planned is cancelled except for Birthmark, Projekt Devil, TWBL, SMaNS, Vanished, still full of Hope and my upcoming Pokemon Y nuzlocke. My original stories Petturin poika (Traitor's son, only in FINNISH currently) and The Dragon Union (which hasn't begun yet, is kind of a prologue to SMaNS but completely original story) are on hold currently.

And yet on another note, while we're at it, I'd like to inform you all that I've been thinking for a while now, and finally decided that Birthmark will be published as a fan fiction over at my account. Now I won't be uploading any chapters until I have actually transferred the comic script version in to an actual story version. This means, that I'll have to write the whole act 1 all over again. This literature version is for those who are either interested in seeing the difference between the comic and the fan fic or are just too tired of waiting to get a new page to read and want to go on ahead and read the whole story immediately. A fair warning to all of you who are going to read the story version. DO NOT RUIN THE COMIC FOR OTHERS. SO NO SPOILERS IN THE COMMENT SECTIONS OF THE COMIC PAGES. Some people might want to keep it the way it is, so please do respect the ones who prefer to read the comic instead of spoiling themselves.

Alright. Oh right! Five Nights at Headache's will appear as a fan fiction as well someday in the future.

And I also have all of my school work to worry about as well as all the MAP parts I need to do... and life.
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Vera ''Headache'' H.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I do read every comment, I appreciate every fave, watch, comment and badge, even if I don't reply!

I draw for fun, not fame.

I'm from Finland, I love drawing both traditional and digital art, 18 years old tomboy androgyne and I'd prefer to be called they/them rather than she/he due to the fact that I'm not comfortable with my biological gender. I'm currently studying to become a visual artesan, and I'll be specializing in animation.

You can call me Headache, Vera, Ravexen or MCRetroX. I'm in quite many fandoms currently, the most obvious of them being Minecraft. The others I have are Pokemon, Five Nights at Freddy's, Warrior Cats, Sonic, Transformers and MLP:FiM

I play different games, like Minecraft, Pokemon, FNAF, Sonic, Spyro etc.

Programs I use for drawing: Paint and Photoshop Elements 6
For animating I use Photoshop Elements 6 and Movie Maker, I'm planning to buy ToonBoom next year
I mostly use a Trust Slimline Widescreen Tablet and rarely a Genius G-Pen Tablet, because it's about to break. I'll be buying a Wacom Intuos 4 someday.

I love autumn/fall and hate summer. I hate sunny days, and I prefer being inside when it's sunny. I love rain and thunderstorms.

My Birthday is 1st of August.

I :heart: each and everyone of my characters the same way.

My comics:

:bulletpurple: Vanished, but still full of hope - A Minecraft short comic about Slick Nite and Spade, won't be a long project, only about 10 pages long. Read here:…

:bulletred: Kirkenes - Birthmark, A Minecraft fan comic about a creeper called Kirkenes who has dark secrets. My main project at the moment. Start reading:…

I :heart: music and it helps me to get inspirations when I'm drawing or writing.

My blogs in Finnish:

My Tumblr:
My Weasyl:

Ask Albino TUMBLR:
Ask Scout and Arcane on TUMBLR:…

Secondary dA (my NSFW account): :iconravexen:
AskKirkAndFlu: www.askkirkandflu.deviantart.c… :iconaskkirkandflu:
AskAlbino: or :iconaskalbino:

My old dA accounts: :iconveeraf96: :iconzur-chan:

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